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This is where the nautical lifestyle thrives and flourishes with the adrenalin rush for an exciting day out at sea. This is where we host Singapore’s largest wakeboarding hub.

The Marina is nestled on a calm and tranquil coastline. It is best known for its excellent boat trips, fishing and wakeboarding activities.

Marina Country Club is the only place that house all the Wakeboarding talents personnel.

This Wakboarding Hub houses a total of about 45 wakeboard boats, which is the largest in Asia.

Water Sports Center (Asia / Singapore Largest Wakeboarding Hub)

This Wakeboarding Hub houses a total of about 45 wakeboard boats, which is the largest in

Marina Country Club is the only place that house all the Wakeboarding talents personnel.

@ 63866634 Edge Wakeboarding  

@ 63863891 Ryder@Ponggol  

@ 63871997 WakeTime

Finding experts in bringing you out for a Fishing Trips or Leisure:-

- Jimmy Lim @ +65 8157 8990

- David Ho @ +65 9111 9000

- Wakaki @ +65 9007 9995

Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL)

Marina Country Club has been appointed officially by Maritime And Port Authority (MPA) as one of the training centre for PPCDL.

Power boating activities are going to increase in a big way in Singapore especially with the establishment of the Marina Reservoir and catalyzed by the activities that would be brought about by the Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Integrated Resort (IR) and mega marina projects at Sentosa and Keppel Bay in addition to existing marina all over Singapore. Also boosted by the gradual freeing up of water catchment areas eg reservoirs, for recreational activities, volume of power boating activities will soar even further.

In Singapore, one needs to hold a PPCDL if he wants to drive a powered pleasure craft within the port waters. To obtain a PPCDL, he needs to complete a mandatory course that is required by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). This is the PPCDL Course. METS is the training service provider to run PPCDL Courses for Marina Country Club at 11 Northshore Drive Singapore 828670.

Marina Country Club has appointed Maritime Education Training School (METS) to operate the PPCDL at our premises. METS is a company incorporated in Singapore with a management team of Singaporean maritime education and training (MET) professionals who were ex-director, ex-manager and lecturers of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the private training services industry. They were also ex-master mariners who bring with them a total of more than 50 years of seafaring and marine industry-related experience to METS. METS is therefore confident that it has a well-qualified, experienced and highly motivated management team to serve and exceed the expectations of its customers. is one of the most leading training school specialise in maritime education.

Interested parties may contact METS CPT Hilbert @ 96155546 or 65644866. Registrants should also have the medical report form completed by a qualified medical practitioner (GP) before enrolling for the tests.

Marina Country Club - Dry / Wet Berthing

Marina Country Club - Marina Operations is the largest boats storage area in Asia. It can hosts up to more than 500 boats in full operations. It is the only Private Marina in Singapore that has a 60 tons Marine Travelift and 2 units of 10 and 12 tons big Giant Marina Bull; that can launch your boat in and out of the water within few minutes. That is a good news to many boaters, you can wait at the piers for your boat to be launched without getting your body wet. At present, the entire dry and wet berthing is operated by Odyssey Marine Pte Ltd, for more details please contact 63860846 or

Odyssey Marine Pte Ltd

- Aluminium and Steel Work
- Boat seats Upholstery
- One Stop MPA Port Clearance
- Boat engine repair and service

DP Yacht Services Pte Ltd

DP Yacht Services Pte Ltd is an operator for Marina Country Club’s 60 Tons Marine Travelift.
We are committed in providing a high level of services, ranging from repairs and maintenance for Pleasure Crafts.
We are dedicated in meeting the needs of our customers in a friendly, professional manner and consistently in completing the jobs on time at competitive rates with good quality workmanship.

One Stop Center for your Boat Repairs with full Facilities:-
*       60 Tons ASCOM Marine Travelift Beam 21 Ft
*       Underwater Repairs
*       Electrical & Plumbing
*       Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repairs
*       Carpentry Work
*       Varnishing work
*       Spray Painting
*       Underhull Marine Coating (Antifouling)

*      Latitude 01º 25.02’N
*      Longitude 103º 54.03’ E

Telephone  :  (65) 6387 8180
Fax             :  (65) 6387 2138

E-mail        :

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